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airline codes

Airlines with codes that begin with a number are listed in numerical order in the "Numbers" section. Codes that include a number, but start with a letter, are listed alphabetically in the main portion of the list. A4 - Southern Winds - Argentina - Buenos Aires to points in Argentina, and Madrid to points in Spain and Europe A6 - Asia Pacific Airlines - Guam - Cargo B727 in the Pacific southwest AA - American Airlines - USA - Major carrier AB - Air Berlin - Germany - Flights to Palma de Mallorca and other European destinations AC - Air Canada - The nation's largest airline. AE - Mandarin Airlines - Taiwan - Flights to Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Vancouver. Non-English website AF - Air France - English site for the USA AG - Provincial Airlines - Canada - Newfoundland and eastern Canada on Pipers and Fairchilds AH - Air Algerie - Algeria - Flights from Frankfurt and Berlin AI - Air India - The national carrier AK - AirAsia - Malaysia - 737

Places to Visit in Pattadakal, Sightseeing and Things to Do

Places to Visit in Pattadakal, Sightseeing and Things to Do...   Karnataka a  South Indian  state is one amazing place which is adobe of several historical places, temples, heritage sites which are worth of visiting once in a lifetime. The excellent state owes various popular heritage sites that are outstanding examples of the ancient art and architecture. The region is blessed with mind-blowing attractions that reveal the beauty of the enchanting wonders that surely offer a pleasurable holiday to a large number of tourists every year. Bangalore,  Mysore , Coorg, Hampi, Mangalore and a few more are architectural delights and wonderful places with rich serene beauty. Apart from these spectacular places one must visit Pattadakal which is a magnificent destination of  Karnataka . The temples stand as the living example of the architectural brilliance of the skilled experts of 7 th  and 8 th  century. The sculptures, constructions style and the designs turn the place to be a UNESCO