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Satpura Jungle Retreat

ESCAPE TO THE WILD   Heard of the Satpura range,  right ?   Maybe for the first time in class four geography book? The Satpura national park established in the year 1981 derived its name from this range. Located in the  Hoshangabad district  of Madhya Pradesh  in India, it is part of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. This vast dense forest is surrounded by the majestic hills of the Satpura range and is truly a paradise. Whether you want to go for some adventure or for wildlife photography or maybe just for some soul searching purpose, Satpura National Park is the perfect destination. The jungles of Satpura are lesser known to the world, hence most parts of the forest remain untouched by the tourists which is one of its best attributes. So don’t worry, no more waiting in queue for a safari jeep of an overcrowded wildlife sanctuary. Here not only can you do jeep safari but also elephant safari, boat safari as well as experience the forest on feet and spot a variety of animals, birds,

Greetings from Satpura Jungle Retreat

Greetings from Satpura Jungle Retreat. Come for an exciting Elephant Ride only at Satpura Jungle Retreat. #Jungle  #Safari  #JungleSafari  #Elephant  #ElephantRide MADAI Satpura Jungle Retreat ( www.satpura-jungle-retreat. ) Room Category                    Rack Rate Room Rent With 2 Meals  2 Tea with 1 Breakfast. Deluxe Air Cooled Room   5500/- Deluxe A/c Room              6500/- E.Pax above 5 to 12 Yrs  1000/- Above 12 yrs                  1200/- Jungle Safari  5900/- Per Jeep up to 6 pax Boat Ride 2,400/- up to 10 pax Elephant Ride 950/- per pax Kayak Ride 950/- 2 pax Night Jungle Safari in Buffer Area  4450/- per Jeep up to 6 pax Shekhar Gupta Satpura Jungle Retreat   www.Satpura-Jungle-Retreat. 7987639870 7987632816 7000747899 Note : Satpura National Park is closed on Wednesday afternoon for All Activiti