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Sri Lanka Gateway to an ‘Exotic’ Honeymoon

                                                                                                      Blog By  Reema Singhal    Sri Lanka  Gateway to an ‘Exotic’ Honeymoon When it comes to quest for a remarkable honeymoon destination, fewer of us might convinced to Sri Lanka as a ‘perfect’ Destination for that matter. However, it is one of the ‘exotic’ gateways for any newly-wed couple who is seeking a perfect blend of adventure and romance. Sri Lanka has always been known for its flavorful culture, warm people and iconic nature views. Below are hand-picked destinations in Sri Lanka which every honeymooner should explore to make their ‘treasured-vacation’ exemplary: Spectacular beach - Bentota What makes Sri Lanka incredible as a beach honeymoon gateway that it can be visit anytime during the year. While the west coast is apt from November to April, you may head to east coast anytime between May to October. With its plethora of activities, the place serves an out