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6 Weeks Virtual Kids World Tour Starting 27Th March 2023

  6 Weeks  Coming Soon Again  Virtual Kids  World  Tour   Visit GlobalVillage 30 Countries in just 45 Days    In Association with Present Kids  Virtual  World Tour  Visit  30 Countries in just 45 Days    [5 days a week for Two Months]  Participants will get to know the  #Airports, #Location,  #Language,  #Culture,  #Economy,  #Geography  and  Aviation and Tourism of 30 Countries across the world. And  A Certificate of Succesful Participation as well.  So what are you waiting for?  Send them with us on this BEAUTIFUL VIRTUAL GLOBAL TOUR.  Mentor panel includes Many Pilots, AirHostess, AeroEngineers, All India IIM Toppers too.   Age Group: 6Years To 16Years  [Class 4Th to Class 12Th] Only Fee: INR 349 or USD $49 Per NRI Kid Only Classes :    Certificates:   Time:    3:30 PM .  [Mon - Fri] Through: Zoom   Eagerly waiting to see you there. *10 Seats for Non-Affording But Interested Kids Available Application Dept :   6 Weeks Virtual World Tour   1. Fu