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Why Kerala should be your Honeymoon Destination

                                                                                                Blog By   Preeta Roy  Why Kerala should be your Honeymoon Destination Marriages are a wonderful thing but they say, that to have a successful marriage you should choose your Honeymoon destination very wisely ! Ha, just kidding! Well there is no such rule for that, but surely choosing the perfect honeymoon destination could be a task. But worry not, we have searched thoroughly and found the perfect destination for you love birds, and guess what? It is totally in your budget! Kerala is just perfect for a warm, cozy, adventurous and outmost romantic honeymoon. Long walks on beach watching the Sunset, 5 star accommodations, laidback house boat rides, astounding sea food, misty hills, picturesque backwaters and the ever refreshing coconut water treat. What could possibly be more romantic than this ? With Arabian Sea at shores you can enjoy the beach and the se