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How Tourism Helps Animals and the Environment ? By Urvashi Arya

How Tourism Helps Animals and the Environment? By Urvashi Arya #Wildlife #wildlifetourism #naturalspecies #jungleretreat #wildlifeholiday #holiday2nature The magnificent Barrier Reef. Yellowstone. Amazonian Rainforest. The abundance of wildlife and distinctive sceneries in these places is among the main factors luring people there. It's understandable why we frequently hear about how humans endanger the environment and ruin wild areas. Humans have adversely affected over 75% of the land habitats, and species are vanishing up to 1000 times faster than natural. While there is no doubt that irresponsible tourism is a significant factor in this destruction, we shouldn't undervalue the critical role that responsible, sustainable tourism plays in promoting conservation and safeguarding our planet's priceless ecosystems. By stopping tourism as a result of the present COVID-19 problem, these advantages have only been strengthened. In this blog post, we've only touched on a few