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Bora Bora - The Best Place To Visit For Your Honeymoon

                                                                                                                                                   Blog By  Shailja Daga  Bora Bora - The Best Place To Visit For Your Honeymoon One of the most luxuriant places for a couple to visit on their honeymoon. This beautiful island of Polynesia had been extremely renowned for its beauty and flawless blue water stretches. Back in the eighteenth-century pirates dreamt of retiring to the beautiful island of Tahiti. Bora Bora is the new jewel added to the crown of the Polynesian Islands. It is spread in a stretch of around forty square kilometers. Bora Bora is a lagoon that is the result of the remains of volcanic activities which have led to the formation of shallow shores, white sand beaches, crystal blue waters along with lush green surroundings. Where To Stay In Bora Bora ?   Beautiful Bora Bora island accommodates mesmerizing resorts with bungalows built on water that jut ou

Here is Why Goa is an unparalleled Honeymoon Destination.

                                                                                                                                                                              Blog By Reema Singhal  Here is why Goa is an unparalleled Honeymoon Destination . Goa as a place always tickles one’s mind with adventure, fun and frolic. This special destination marks the distinction with its sun-kissed beaches, beautiful churches and nostalgic Portuguese buildings. This lively place is well-known for partying till you drop thus riveting quixotic holiday for any newly-wed . So, here are the exquisites that make Goa a hot-spot for honeymooners: Go Adventurous with different marine-life Affairs Dolphin spotting is one of the key attractions in Goa at the tranquil water of Arabian sea. The enticing beauty of beaches amuses you to the core with its serene views. Hot deal like ‘No Pay, if No Dolphin Spotting’ by some of the operators let you enjoy amicably. Another commendable ex

Bhutan A Perfect Honeymoon Destination with Erotic Views

                                                                                                                                  Blog By Reema Singhal  Bhutan  A Perfect Honeymoon Destination with Erotic Views With its endless Utopia, Bhutan is now-a-days has come up one of the ‘adored’ honeymoon destinations. Visiting a country which boasts high ‘Gross National Happiness’ at the instigation of your new journey of life is no doubt a ‘perfect’ idea. This happiest country is tucked in the Himalayas and beat the triumphs of quaint views. Below are some of the striking places in Bhutan which make it a perfect honeymoon destination for any newly-wed: Punakha Well known for its festival – Punakha Festival, the city deserves a visit in winters as it in a warmer place. This erstwhile capital boasts incredible sight-seeing as Chimi L’hakhang Temple, Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, Lhuendrup nunnery, Sangchhen Dorji and Punakha Dzong. Kindle your love with the cultu

Mesmerizing Maldives

                                                                                               Blog By  Shailja Daga  Mesmerizing Maldives Matchless luxury, white-sand marvelous beaches, and a mesmerizing underwater life makes Maldives your obvious pick for a remarkable vacation.  Incredible Beaches The home to the best white sand beached in the whole wide world with 1200 islands that offer a perfect blend of white soft sand granules and crystal clear blue water. This attraction is itself perfect to bring masses to this beautiful place year after year. These islands are no less than a least known paradise located in the Indian Ocean.  Luxuriant Resorts For All Each luxuriant resort in Maldives is a wonderful place to stay at with each one offering a breathtaking view of the mighty ocean. There are over a hundred such resorts which make it troublesome for the visitors to pick one of their choices. The top end accommodates the best of the brands competing with e