Heavenly Experience Amidst The Ecstatic Vibes Of Darjeeling

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Heavenly Experience Amidst The Ecstatic Vibes Of Darjeeling  Situated in the lap of massive hills of Sikkim Darjeeling stores a tinge of adventure and beauty making it an ideal getaway for the  couples on their honeymoons. These eastern hills accommodate impeccable landscape views and the ultimate weather soothes you to the  core.

Also known as the Queen Of Himalayas, Darjeeling can be reached by just booking a flight to Bagdogra, the closest airport to Darjeeling  which leads to the hilly heaven by crossing a road trip of almost 94  kilometers. As one crosses Siliguri magnificent patches of tea gardens  are seen on either side of your four wheeler. The mesmerizing feeling
of leaving the plains and approaching the elevated hills can better be  felt than penned especially when it's the first ever trip along with  your better half. 

One gets to view the very famous Darjeeling Rail Tracks, the cloud  covered high mountains, lush green valleys, and dense woods. Steamy  momo's and world famous Darjeeling tea add on to the warmth and cozy  feel in the chilly cold climatic condition of Darjeeling.
Being a regular tourist attraction Darjeeling is jam-packed with  hotels and resorts and you can book a Honeymoon suite to surprise your  partner that gives you a view the enthralling valleys of Darjeeling,  the rising sun, and the cloudy sky. The hotels of Darjeeling, many of  them are beautifully decorated with the flags of prayers giving a
taste of the Sikkim culture.

Natural History Museum where you would find a collection of a wide  range of specimen can be one of your choices to visit while in  Darjeeling. One of the attractions of Darjeeling is the giant lush   green Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park. The view of the wild animals in their own home with your newly wed partner in a safari can  be a different experience altogether. You can take your partner for a  tour in the safari and enjoy the view of the wild. It isn't necessary  to roam about to distant places while you are on your trip to  Darjeeling. Happy Valley Tea Estates are a must visit when you are out   on a Darjeeling Honeymoon trip. The widespread of these tea estates on  these Eastern Beauties are no less than a treat to the eyes. Even a long walk in the cool weather along with your loving partner can be  extremely memorable.With such scenic beautiful surroundings, you can  capture loads of memories in your camera and get them back to make  your family and friends envious to the core.

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