Honeymoon in Goa

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When a person is getting married, his dream is to have the most magical Honeymoon which they remember till the end of time, and when it comes to magical or perfect Honeymoon one instantly thinks of a foreign destination mostly near a beach or on mountains. Well it’s not always possible to have sufficient funds to afford a trip like that, but that does not mean that a newly married couple should give away their dream of a wonderful honeymoon. When we have foreigners coming to see places in India, why can’t we too plan a Honeymoon here?
Goa is believed to be a great tourist destination, but no one can forget that it’s the best place for party animals, adventure seekers and also a romantic getaway for couples. Goa has its own secret charm with all those small islands, villages, the picture perfect locations and a romantic atmosphere which makes you fall in Love all over again if you already are in Love, and even if you are not this is the best place to know each other and find soul mates in your partner.
It’s not only the beach to go for an outing, there are many different gorgeous places to leave you mesmerised starting with the beautiful traditional churches standing its ground since the colonial period as a proof of many happy couples living out there. These architectural marvels increase the beauty of Goa by a hundred times.  

The couples have honeymoons to spend some quality time alone and to get to know each other in privacy, well you get the ravishing islands to explore while you are on it, to make your trip the one where your heart connects. Not to forget it’s not all you get to see, there’s always more when it is in Goa as it has a lot to offer and does not disappoint the people who want to have a wonderful time. Couples can visit stunning forts facing toward the tantalising sea and participate in all the activities like scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat ride and even if you don’t like to in the water then maybe just having an experience of being in air and parasailing sounds to be the best option.
There is no dearth of romantic places which ensure a great Honeymoon and that too affordable. Stroll hand in hand or go sightseeing on a bike while enjoying the company of your life partner. When on a Honeymoon vacation relaxation is also a good point to work on and thus pampering yourself at the best spas is the cherry on a cake, keeping the worries of the world at bay.                
Get an unbeatable ambiance at the nightlife of Goa and if you are more of a sound down kind of a person, well enjoying a sunset in your luxurious hotels with a candle light dinner or on the beach shacks is all you would have ever asked for. Now that this is just as wonderful place as any foreign destination, there is nothing Goa will not provide you with, not even the international food flavours in your plate which leave one marvelling the taste for a long time and even call couples and tourists back for another holiday.  

A foreign destination definitely turns out to be an ultimate Honeymoon but why to go there when you can have your fairy tale Honeymoon in Goa.

Honeymoon in Goa.

Goa needs no introduction. A very popular Honeymoon destination in India for couples, Goa has everything for you to make sure the Honeymoon period never does end. Balmy shores, glorious Portuguese architecture, fiery glasses of feni, eclectic nightlife and some delectable spice-laden vindaloo. That’s Goa for you. A coastal retreat with a shimmering sun in the backdrop, Goa has more than enough to make you fall in love over and over again and make sure the wedding fever doesn’t fade away.


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