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AIR CHARTER Air charter  is the business of renting an entire  aircraft  (i.e.,  charter ing ) as opposed to individual  aircraft seats  (i.e., purchasing a  ticket  through a traditional  airline ). REGULATIONS: Charter, also called  air taxi  or ad-hoc flights require certification from the associated country's  national aviation authority . The regulations are differentiated from typical commercial/passenger service by offering a non-scheduled service. In the U.S. these flights are regulated under FAA Part 135. There are some cases where a charter operator can sell scheduled flights, but only in limited quantities. The same regulations also apply to  Air Ambulance  and cargo operators. CHARTER AIRCRAFT CATEGORIES Charter aircraft categories include: ·            Seaplanes – examples:  DHC-2 Beaver ,  DHC-3 Otter ·            Turbo props – examples:  Pilatus PC-12 ,  King Air 350 ,  Piaggio P-180 Avanti ·            Light jets – examples:  Phenom

AirAviator Best Air Charter Services in India

AirAviator  Best Air Charter Services in India Contents    [ hide ]  1 AIRAVIATOR- AIR CHARTER SERVICES IN INDIA 1.1 Core Values 1.2 AirAviator Charter Services 1.3 Blog 1.4 References AIRAVIATOR - AIR CHARTER SERVICES IN INDIA [ edit ] , an  Aviation  Start-up, deals in inbound and outbound Aviation Air Charter Services, ticketing, tour packages, and visa processes etc. It has many active Blogs and App which cater completely to Aviation sector. Charter jet categories include turbo props, light jets, mid-size jets, super mid-size jets, heavy jets, and Airliners. AirAviator provides Air crafts ranging from Helicopters to business Jets to commercial Airliners for individuals, corporates and group travellers to any destination in the world. AirAviator Founded 2016 ; 1 year ago Founder Capt. Shekar Gupta[CEO] Headquarters Indore ,  Madhya Pradesh ,  India Key people Capt. Shekar Gupta[CEO] Website Core Values [ e