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Trainee / Intern Share this Job          Job Description : Department: Air Aviation, Information Technology, Mass – Communication, Management Schedule:  Flexible Overview: This is Manager-HR Priyanka Jain, associated with AirAvaitor, having past experience more than 3 years in IT Industry. Our Co-founder Capt Shekhar Gupta is in Aviation & Travel Domain for almost 8 years now. They have been to 500+ cities across 50 odd countries.We are a group of Pilots and IIM guys currently lead expansion for few Aviation & Travel Start-ups He also has association with many successful Missions like Mission to Canada, Philippines, AsiaticAir, Ola, Oyo & so many Start-ups before this. We are building a Digital Agency to Empower Independent Aviation, IT & Travel Bloggers. See Role : Responsibilities will be assigned as per the Trainee’s Profile. Skills : Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or Masters