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Nigeria Virtual Kids Tour of the 30 Countries in just 45 Days

Nigeria  Virtual Kids Tour  of the 30 Countries in just 45 Days  [5 days a week for 6 Weeks]  Participants will get to know the  #Location, #Language, #Culture, #Economy, #Geography   In Association with Present Kids  Virtual  World Tour  Visit  30 Countries in just 45 Days   [5 days a week for Two Months]  Participants will get to know the  #Airports #Location,  #Language,  #Culture,  #Economy,  #Geography  and  Tourism of 30 Countries across the World. And  a  Certificate of Succesful Participation  as well.  So what are you waiting for?  Send them with us on this  BEAUTIFUL VIRTUAL GLOBE TOUR.  Mentor panel includes Many Pilots, AirHostess, All India IIM Toppers too  Age Group : 6Years To 16 Years  [Class 4Th to Class 12Th] Only Fee:   USD $49  ₦5000 NGN Per Kid Only   Registration :    Send a screenshot of payment to this number itself to confirm registration.  Classes : 2nd Aug  2021 Onwards.   Certificates: 15 October

Don't Listen To What People Say ... Go and See

Don't Listen To What People Say   .. . Go and See DONT LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE SAY...GO AND SEE!!! Don't listen to all the fuss about hygiene, dirt, stinking water, nonavailability of food, improper accommodations......🌾🌾 Just barge in with positivity and come out with a totally new experience... ✨✨✨✨ YES, I'm talking about the World's largest  Congregation of Humans on 🌎🌍 Earth.. THE MAHAKUMBH OF PRAYAGRAJ... If you really want to feel the saturation of energy..the madness..the calm...the reality...the mysticism...the culture..the cuisine...the UNITY and THE another place than this.🪄🎷🎷 Prayagraj has a specific special sub-town called  MELA-GROUND for organizing Kumbh which becomes live and inhabited with vibrant people for almost one month every year during the month of January or month of Magh in hindi calender. This event organised every year is called MAGH-MELA...  Every twelve years MAHA-KUMBH is held in rotation at the four holy places of Hari

Feedback for Airport, Amusement Park and Zoo Tour

 QUIZ Name :  Email : Mobile :  Class : Please Ans all Questions and email us  on +91 6294 591 489 1. What was the former name of Shah Amanat International Airport in Bangladesh? 2. Which is the 2nd busiest airport in Belgium? 3. Which country has the highest population in the world? 4. Which zoo holds the world’s highest number of white tigers? (Hint: It is in China) 5. Which airport is also called as General Mariano Escobedo International airport in Mexico? 6. Morocco is located in _____ continent 7. Which is the first amusement and theme park in Morocco that is located in Marrakech? 8. Capital of New Zealand is ____ 9. What does “ORANA” in Maori mean? 10. Which is the most populous country in Africa? 11. Which are the 2 colours in Poland flag? 12. Which is Saudi Arabia’s only public aquarium? (Hint: You can swim with Dolphins here for extra fee) 13. National language of Singapore is _____ 14. Which airport in Africa has won the awar

Kids Virtual World Tour Guest Feedback

Kids Virtual World Tour Guest Feedback Name :  Email : Mobile :  Class : Please Ans all Questions and email us  on  1) Which Australian animal has a long tail, a pouch and hops to get around? 2) In which Australian city would you find the Opera House? 3) What is the main language spoken in Austria? 4) Canada has ten provinces. two have no coastline on any oceans. Alberta is one of them. Which one is the other one? 5) How many countries border France 4 or 6? 6) What was a famous ancient Greek city? 7) Hungary is home to the largest thermal lake in Europe. Can you name this lake located near Keszthely? 8) When did Iceland become a republic? 9) Which is the largest Volcano in Vatna Glacier? 10) In Kuwait, what is the Emir? 11) What is the official local long form name for the Maldives? 12) Which is the highest mountain in the world? And it is located where? 13) A mysterious creature seen in Mt. Everest. Name it. 14) What is the name of th