Kids Virtual World Tour Guest Feedback

Kids Virtual World Tour Guest Feedback

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 1) Which Australian animal has a long tail, a pouch and hops to get around?

2) In which Australian city would you find the Opera House?

3) What is the main language spoken in Austria?

4) Canada has ten provinces. two have no coastline on any oceans. Alberta is one of them. Which one is the other one?

5) How many countries border France 4 or 6?

6) What was a famous ancient Greek city?

7) Hungary is home to the largest thermal lake in Europe. Can you name this lake located near Keszthely?

8) When did Iceland become a republic?

9) Which is the largest Volcano in Vatna Glacier?

10) In Kuwait, what is the Emir?

11) What is the official local long form name for the Maldives?

12) Which is the highest mountain in the world? And it is located where?

13) A mysterious creature seen in Mt. Everest. Name it.

14) What is the name of the largest Glacier in Norway?

15) What is Qatar’s biggest export to the rest of the world?

16) Name the prince who sighted a beast when he took a first step on land of Singapore?

17) Which is the largest province in Thailand?

18) In which city is the Empire state Building located?

19) If you travel to Vatican City, which type of currency will you need to bring with you?

20) What is the most popular form of transportation in Vietnam?

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