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1. What was the former name of Shah Amanat International Airport in Bangladesh?

2. Which is the 2nd busiest airport in Belgium?

3. Which country has the highest population in the world?

4. Which zoo holds the world’s highest number of white tigers? (Hint: It is in China)

5. Which airport is also called as General Mariano Escobedo International airport in Mexico?

6. Morocco is located in _____ continent

7. Which is the first amusement and theme park in Morocco that is located in Marrakech?

8. Capital of New Zealand is ____

9. What does “ORANA” in Maori mean?

10. Which is the most populous country in Africa?

11. Which are the 2 colours in Poland flag?

12. Which is Saudi Arabia’s only public aquarium? (Hint: You can swim with Dolphins here for extra fee)

13. National language of Singapore is _____

14. Which airport in Africa has won the award for Africa’s best airport in the category under two million passengers per year six times by ACI?

15. Which is the largest theme park in South Korea?

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