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Honeymoon in Breathtaking Bali

                                                                                                                                       By  Shailja Daga  Honeymoon in  Breathtaking Bali It's extremely troublesome to wrap Bali in just a few words. The only island to offer a huge bundle of countless attractions clubbed up into one. The lush green vegetation, antique ancient culture, innumerable temples, marvelous giant mountains, huge terraces of rice fields,  and last but not the least beautiful black and white sand beaches. Bali has all of it as offerings.     Bali is a place for all, from backpackers to families, divers to disciplined yogis, along with surfers to luxuriant Wanderers. All the travelers wandering Southeast Asia undoubtedly have Bali on their list. Bali And The Time-Honoured Temples Bali is a store house of thousands of marvelous temples. Make sure to at least explore some of these creations on your visit. Most popular ones being the Uluwatu T