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Honeymoon in Goa

                                                                                                                           By   Achintt Kaur Honeymoon in Goa  with Best Travel Blog in Asia When a person is getting married, his dream is to have the most magical Honeymoon which they remember till the end of time, and when it comes to magical or perfect Honeymoon one instantly thinks of a foreign destination mostly near a beach or on mountains. Well it’s not always possible to have sufficient funds to afford a trip like that, but that does not mean that a newly married couple should give away their dream of a wonderful honeymoon. When we have foreigners coming to see places in India, why can’t we too plan a Honeymoon here? Goa is believed to be a great tourist destination, but no one can forget that it’s the best place for party animals, adventure seekers and also a romantic getaway for couples. Goa has its own secret charm w