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Travel Insurance  Just as with other kinds of insurance, a travel insurance plan will have stated  benefits, stated exclusions and limitations. It’s not a one-size-fits-all  product, so it’s crucial to read any plan’s terms carefully and fully understand  them before purchasing. Often, travel insurance companies may provide a review p eriod, which allows you to buy a policy, read it thoroughly and return it for a  refund should you find that you are not entirely comfortable with its terms.  However, some companies may charge a small non-refundable service fee if  canceling within the review period. Many claims issues eventually arise because  travelers are not aware of the plan’s limitations. Travel insurance is also often intended to act as a supplement to insurance  coverage you may already have; this is the difference between “primary” and  “secondary” coverage. Secondary coverage helps provide you with a safety net in  the case of an unforeseen event that disrupts y