Travel Insurance 

Just as with other kinds of insurance, a travel insurance plan will have stated benefits, stated exclusions and limitations. It’s not a one-size-fits-all product, so it’s crucial to read any plan’s terms carefully and fully understand them before purchasing. Often, travel insurance companies may provide a review period, which allows you to buy a policy, read it thoroughly and return it for a refund should you find that you are not entirely comfortable with its terms. 

However, some companies may charge a small non-refundable service fee if canceling within the review period. Many claims issues eventually arise because travelers are not aware of the plan’s limitations.

Travel insurance is also often intended to act as a supplement to insurance coverage you may already have; this is the difference between “primary” and “secondary” coverage. Secondary coverage helps provide you with a safety net in the case of an unforeseen event that disrupts your trip. The most common “secondary” coverage on a comprehensive travel insurance plan are emergency 
travel medical benefits. A travel insurance plan may help bridge the gap in your health insurance to better protect you against an unforeseen medical emergency that happens while you’re away from home.

You’ll have to file a claim through your primary health coverage first, and expenses that are denied may be covered, up to the stated limit, by the travel insurance company. It is important to know what your primary health insurance will cover, and also what your secondary travel insurance will as well.

In other cases, homeowner’s insurance or insurance offered as part of your credit card membership may give you some protection against financial loss in the event your belongings are lost or damaged. A comprehensive travel insurance 

plan supplements those benefits with secondary coverage that can offer additional protection.

Knowing what travel insurance is intended to do – and what it’s not – can help answer some of the most fundamental questions you may have about purchasing a travel insurance plan for your next trip. If you plan on taking a cruise for 
your upcoming trip, you may want to compare cruise insurance plans specifically.

An insurance product designed to cover the costs and losses, and reduce the risk associated with, unexpected events you might incur while traveling. It's often pitched as the best protection for those traveling domestically or abroad. Many online companies selling airplane tickets or travel packages allow consumers to purchase travel insurance (also known as travelers insurance) as an added 
service. Some travel insurance policies cover damage to personal property; rented equipment, such as a rental cars; or even the cost of paying a ransom in the case of a kidnapping.

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