A Package Tour, Package vacation, or Package Holiday comprises transport and Accommodation Advertised and sold together by a vendor known as a Tour Operator. Other services may be provided such a Rental car, activities or outings during the Holiday. Transport can be via Charter Airline to a Foreign Country, and may also include Travel between areas as part of the holiday. Package holidays are a form of Product Bundling.
If you need to define one most Important thing about any Travel software, it would have to be Reservation Management. That Beautiful user Interface, those Awesome Reports, those Interactive photo galleries are just extras. The core of any Travel Business are the actual Reservations and the Reservation management.

Reservation Management processes differ from one product to another, as well as from one Company to another. 

However, there are some important things regarding Reservation Management that any software solution must be able to help you with. Otherwise, reconsider whether it is the right software for us.
Each of our products, whether it is a Tour or a Hotel, can offer some additional services. And this must be supported by the Reservation Software, along with the afore mentioned Price Calculation. However, people will ask for things that are not a part of the standard OFFER, but things that have just popped into their heads or a friend told them about.

What fuels the Travel industry? As successful Tour Companies understand, it’s the clients that are most 
important and they drive any increase in sales. And, great customer loyalty through Retention, Referral & repeat Business can really boost profits.For Tour operators, the key to successfully driving Client Referrals is investing serious time in Building Referrals into your Business. Unfortunately, most Tour Operators are short on time.

I believe that taking advantage of Technologies and with the right Travel software, your employees can be in the best position to enhance Customer Loyalty and receive more Referral Business.
It is true most inbound Tour Operators do not have repeat business.This shouldn’t stop you from  Communicating and treating your Clients as if they may Travel again because any Electronic Communication can be easily   forwarded to a contact who may be Traveling your way.
A study by Roy Morgan Research revealed looked at how likely it is that customers will return to a Travel agent. 

CRM software that records contact Social Network details to help you better manage this relationship.
But what exactly is the value that customer Loyalty can bring to Tour Companies?



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