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The UnSeen Chandigarh

Blog By   S akshi Kocher   The UnSeen Chandigarh  Blog By  S akshi Kocher   “Don’t call it a Dream…  Call it a Plan.” Chandigarh is considered to be one of the best planned cites of India which dumbfounds its tourists with the globally remarked architecture and the quality of life it has. It is the epitome of tranquillity and divinity. Rock garden, Sukhna Lake, Rose garden, Japanese garden and other few to the list are some of the Chandigarh’s best attractions. However, listed below are some places to experience the exquisite nature of Chandigarh. 1.                          Aroma A living legend and the paragon of the hard work of Kohli Brothers this first commercial building of Chandigarh became the iconic view of the future. This hotel has witnessed the joys, ecstasy and the protests of this city; it has seen Chandigarh developing into a regional hub for many. 2.                          Shastri Market, Sector-22 Spend some time in the hustl