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Honeymoon In Khajuraho

                                                                                                               Blog By  Achintt Kaur Honeymoon is the Best Time for a Couple to understand each other, focus on building trust and a Relationship that last for 40-50 years and more of their being Togetherness. Well who would have thought that they would find a mesmerizing Honeymoon Destination in Madhya Pradesh.  Khajuraho is situated aprox 170  Kilometers away from Jhasi and is the UNESCO world heritage site, so couples who love to Travel and had a soft corner for history, Love, Sex and Traditions, this is just the place for you. A royal engagement is what you get in khajuraho with a group of Jain and Hindu temples telling stories about the architecture and many Sex and Love stories of the kings and queens who ones resided there. The temples are famous for their Erotic Sculptures  and Nagara-style symbolism which will make you feel in love in a royal setting. What makes i