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Honeymoon in Magnificent Maheshwar

                                                                                                                                                                     Blog By  Shailja Daga  Magnificent Maheshwar Maheshwar is a magnificent city in the Khargone district situated in Madhya Pradesh, in the center of the country. It is conveniently located thirteen kilometers towards the east of the Agra-Mumbai Highway. The beautiful city of Maheshwar is located on the northern bank of the vast Narmada river. Maheshwar is one of the tourist destinations that is full of colors, celebrations, and festivals. A few of the festivals celebrated with huge preparations here are Gudi Padava, Teez, Mahashivratri, Samoti Amavas and Nag Panchami. A place worth visiting is gold swing located at Rajwada. Maheshwar accommodates an ancient temple of Goddess Vindhyavasini Bhavani. This temple is one of the twenty-four shaktipeeths of the Goddess Parvati. Maheshwar is popular for havi