Honeymoon in Magnificent Maheshwar

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Magnificent Maheshwar

Maheshwar is a magnificent city in the Khargone district situated in Madhya Pradesh, in the center of the country. It is conveniently located thirteen kilometers towards the east of the Agra-Mumbai Highway. The beautiful city of Maheshwar is located on the northern bank of the vast Narmada river.

Maheshwar is one of the tourist destinations that is full of colors, celebrations, and festivals. A few of the festivals celebrated with huge preparations here are Gudi Padava, Teez, Mahashivratri, Samoti Amavas and Nag Panchami. A place worth visiting is gold swing located at Rajwada. Maheshwar accommodates an ancient temple of Goddess Vindhyavasini Bhavani. This temple is one of the twenty-four shaktipeeths of the Goddess Parvati.

Maheshwar is popular for having more than a hundred temples which tell the story of the glorious history of Maheshwar. Most of these ancient temples are situated along the bank of the Maheshwar Ghat, in the vicinity of the magnificently huge fort. Baneshwar Mandir is one piece of art situated on a small island in the Narmada River. With the sacred feel of the temple, you can enjoy the benefits of an island along with cool breeze and clear water. Narmada River divides into various tiny streams at a place in Maheshwar called Sahastradhara where the water flows with extreme force. To the surprise of us all, there is a giant water sporting activity center being planned here.

Maheshwar is the home of the giant and popular Holkar dynasty, ancient forts, palaces. The entire Maheshwar can be explored in a days time. However, in case you wish to explore most of the popular temples of this sacred place then you might as well plan a stretched vacation. The most delightful tourist places of Maheshwar are the vast palaces, modest Narmada ghats as well as Maheshwar sari cottage. You can take a boat ride up to Sahasradhara to view the mighty river of Narmada split into her various other tributaries.

Post a wedding it can be of great value for a couple to visit this sacred place and seek the blessings of the various god and goddesses in the different temples. A no better start can be provided to a newly wed couple that a visit to Maheshwar for their honeymoon. Along with the sacred temples, the mighty Narmada offers various scenic landscapes and breathtaking views. Hence, a perfect blend of scenic beauty and sacred India.

Maheshwar is a small City in Kharagone District of Madhya Pradesh State, in central India. It is located 10 KM East of National Highway No 3 and 90 KM from city Indore Airport, the commercial capital of the state. The City lies on the North Bank of the Narmada River. 

Elevation: 150 Mtrs
Weather: 30 C, Wind SW at 15 Km / H, 
60% Humidity
District : Khargone
Population : 50,000 
Vehicle Registration : MP10

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