Honeymoon in Majestic Mandu - The Happy City

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The ancient excavations found in the Mandu region depict that this beautifully carved city exists concretely since the sixth century BC.  Back in history, Mandu was popularly known as the "City of Joy". It strategically stood beautifully amidst the vast Vindhya ranges which render a giant sized view of the Malwa plateau. The rulers who resided in Mandu incorporated several modifications in the city and added several additional structures. Till date, these astonishing structures still stand strong that are absolutely worth a visit. A magnificent accommodation of Madhya Pradesh, Mandu is around 90 kilometers from Indore.

A place with a blend of ancient history, beautiful surroundings, and mesmerizing palaces make Mandu a perfect location for the honeymooners. Extreme elaborate gardens along within the high risen walls of the ancient palaces can prove to be uniquely romantic for the newly weds. The lush green gardens are a treat for the couples who possess an amazing love for mother nature. This fortified city has walls extended to nearly forty to fifty kilometers. Hence, a tiny city with immense peaceful offerings to render you a relaxed honeymoon with your loved one. Mandu, the City of Joy was one of the largest as well as the richest during the reign of glorious dynasties including the Ghori and the Khilji dynasties.

It is a lake side situated beautiful town that makes you feel extremely close to nature while being out with your life long beloved. You can spend your evenings and early mornings strolling by the side of the lake. There are ancient places in Mandu that are sparsely populated such as places of the Rewa Kund monument, Rani Roopmati's pavilion are extremely well maintained. The different style of architecture like the arches, baths, domes etc. are built in the popular Persian style. The view from these pavilions is absolutely breathtaking which is for sure to leave you and your spouse in mere admiration. You can very well spend your time adoring nature while sitting atop the ruins with your partner.

One can never have enough in this City of Joy. Even a week can be less of a time when you make up your mind to explore the city to the core. There are several places nearby Mandu that are unexplored by tourists. Before you get your itinerary done make sure to know well about these places and include them in your trip. Placed like Mandu offer solace and peace to a newly married that no other place can compensate for.

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