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Taxi / Cab-- Today, in practice, the two terms have blurred, because nearly all "cabs" are  "taxis," which is short for "Taxicabs." The two separate terms exist because  originally, there were horse-drawn "cabs" for hire. The problem was that cabmen  were notoriously dishonest, and cheated customers by claiming longer or shorter  distances traveled, or extorting money before leaving them in the right place.  Then, someone invented "taximeters" - devices that could calculate the correct  fare, based on time and distance; the fare would accumulate based on a clock  when stopped - by distance traveled when moving. Cabs with taximeters were  called "taximeter cabs." Eventually, automobiles were invented. Some automobiles  were used as "cabs" - for hire, but without a taximeter. In 1907, when  taximeters on automobiles finally took hold in London and New York, they called  them "taxicabs" - sh


Direct Business Associates [ DBA ] for A1 Cabs Franchise Proposal A1 cabs started in 2014 by Capt. Shekhar Gupta a young Indian Entrepreneur, who saw huge opportunity in the taxi service in Indore, India.  He embarked on his journey with a Mission “to deliver friendly, safe, easily accessible, and low cost transportation options to customers”. He is the Founder/CEO of Aerosoft Corp Aerosoft Corp. is the India's Best and Asia's finest b2b Aviation SEO Company. A1 cab is a Low Cost, No Frill, Win-Win Business Concept without compromising on Quality and Services.  A1 cabs offer top class car rental solutions at a very low price. We pride ourselves for having the lowest fare structure when compared with others. A1 cabs serve its customer needs with utmost efficiency and professionalism. They have an array of cars, suited for different purposes and budgets. A1 cab’s entire fleet of cars is modern, clean, well maintained and fitted with the latest sa