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Chitwan National Park

Alfa  Jungle  Retreat  Chitwan   National   Park  Nepal Welcome  to Alfa Jungle  Retreat  Chitwan   National  Park. It is covered in 932 ,  Chitwan   National  Park is home of flora and fauna including endangered mammals, birds, reptiles and water animals of special kids. Here, patrons can explore true wilderness without the crowds. Around 600 plant species, 50 mammals, 526 birds and 49 Amphibians and Reptiles have been found in  Chitwan   National  Park where over 500 one-horned rhinoceros are roaming. Presence of around 150 majestic Royal Bengal Tigers is also the added attraction of the park that will make your trip marvellous. The park offers a different and unique types of activities you will really enjoy our all activities. You are likely to sight Rhino, Lelopards, Rhesus Monkey, Grey Langur, Deer, White Stocking Gaur, Wild Boar, Wild Cats and if you are lucky so  your will see the magnificent Tigers. Jungle Safari Lodge has been designed to offer the guests a