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There is no dearth of tourist places in Madhya Pradesh. Jabalpur is one of them. It is situated on the banks of river Narmada. Visual delights include the Madan Mahal Fort and the Dhundhar Falls. The name literally means the Smoke Cascade which does all the justice to see this spectacular fall. . Then you have the famous marble rocks at Vedaghat near Jabalpur. Boating in the Narmada River on the full moon night, seeing the blue color of the full moon will leave an indelible impression in your heart. Jabalpur is called the land of the Gondwans because in the 13th century, it was ruled by the Gonds. The period of the reign of Maharaja Sangramshahi is remembered as a golden age and it was during the reign of The Gonds that most of the city's waterfalls - lakes, wells, reservoirs and the like -…

Alfa Jungle Retreat WelcomHeritage

Alfa Jungle Retreat WelcomHeritage is an Alfa Jungle
Resort situated in the dense confines of Pench Tiger Reserve in Central India. At the very first sight, the imposing architecture stands out from the verdant surroundings of this remote wilderness. Amidst the well-sculptured garden, bushes and forest canopies butterflies and birds abound. This will be your stay on safari as a Home Away from Home! Low rising tabletop mountains characterize the topography of this region. The hills are clad with bamboo and dry deciduous mixed forests on the slopes.
The intervening plains comprise of grasslands, mixed forests, bush and water bodies such as mountain rivers, waterholes, streams, and ponds. Pench River is the lifeline of this diverse ecosystem. Pench National Park and tiger reserve is an excellent destination for sighting tigers in the wild. Other animals seen on tiger safaris are a leopard, wolf, sloth bear, wild dog, Nilgai, bison, langur, wild boar and many species of deer.

Pench Fact f…