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List of all Countries offering VISA on Arrival

Alfa Travel Blog provides you information about list of  countries offering VISA on arrival If you’re looking for a list of countries offering VISA on arrival for Indians, then look no further! There was  a time when planning a holiday abroad meant first having to deal with the hassle of applying for a VISA. Those dreadful queues, the never ending documents, the inquisitive questions and then that long wait for the much awaited piece of paper, a.k.a. the VISA, your license to travel. Phew! But, if have not planned your summer travel for this year yet, no sweat! With many countries now offering VISA on Arrival (VOA) to Indian passport holders, travelling abroad is no longer a daunting experience. So pack your bags and head to an amazing summer vacation with family and friends to any of these beautiful countries that offer VISA on Arrival for Indians. Asia Africa South America North America Oceania Europe Thailand Mauritius Ecuador British Virgin Islands Cook Islan