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Is Dubai an Ultimate Honeymoon Destination ?

                                                                                                                                 Blog By Reema Singhal  Is Dubai an Ultimate Honeymoon Destination ? When it comes to Dubai, the ultimate grandeur and luxury are the foremost expressions that rule one’s mind. And why not, this city of ‘Shiekhs’ has a plethora of activities ranging from palatial spa to high-end desert safaris that will give any newly-wed a lifetime experience. From its erotic to exciting offerings, here are the quick picks which make Dubai an ultimate Honeymoon destination: Lavish Dinner at Burj Khalifa Considered as world’s most luxurious hotel, surprise your better-half with the iconic architecture at the 7 star hotel in Burj Khalifa. This pricy affair comes with a private butler service, use of gold iPad and luxury cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari shall take you out for a spin if you wish to. Arrive in style to the place in helicopter as the iconic ho