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MakeMyTrip, Dear MakeMyTrip, I am writing to express my disappointment with the recent booking I made for a 6-night, 7-day trip to Kerala (Booking ID: NL 2102854495322 ). While the total actual expenses incurred during the trip amounted to ₹87,000, I was charged a total of ₹1,45,000 by MakeMyTrip. This indicates a significant overcharge of ₹58,000. Here's a breakdown of the actual expenses: [As per your Site only]  Flight Tickets (6 People): ₹ 7,000 x 6 = ₹42,000 Accommodation: Munnar (2 Nights): ₹3,500 x 2 = ₹7,000 Thakkery (2 Nights): ₹3,500 x 2 = ₹7,000 Alleppey HB(1 Night): ₹7,500 Additional Night (Hotel): ₹9,500  Cab Expenses: ₹2,000 x 7 = ₹14,000 As you can see, the total cost adds up to ₹87,000, which is considerably lower than the amount charged. I have also tried contacting MakeMyTrip customer service on several occasions but have been unable to reach anyone. This lack of communication further adds to my frustration. Therefore, I kindly request that y

2 Guest Omkareshwar, Ujjain, Indore

Hotels in Omkareshwar, Ujjain and Indore for your 2 guests between   All  Price for  per Night Per Person MPT Temple View, Omkareshwar - Unassuming quarters, some with a/c, in a down-to-earth hotel featuring a vegetarian restaurant.  Price: ₹1,834  per Night Per Person Narmada Hills Resort -  Price: ₹3,881  per Night Per Person Hotel Motherland -  Price: ₹2,855  per Night Per Person Hotel Shri Radhe Krishna - Simple rooms in a modest hotel with a vegetarian restaurant, a rooftop terrace & river views. Price: ₹2,238 per night. MPT Sailani Island Resort - Price: ₹6,903 per night. Hotel Shikhar Darshan - Price: ₹1,680 per night. Hotel Mittal Paradise - Relaxed rooms & suites in a straightforward hotel offering a gym, 3 restaurants & an outdoor pool. Price: ₹2,878   Per Night Per Person HOTEL CRYSTAL INN UJJAIN - Price: ₹2,507   Per Night Per Person HOTEL IMPERIAL GRAND - Polished quarters in an informal hotel featuring an outdoor pool & a vegetarian restaurant. Pr

5 Day Trip Planner in Alappuzha Thekkady Munnar Cochin

  5 Day Trip Planner in Alappuzha Thekkady Munnar Cochin Cochin, also known as Kochi, is a vibrant city located on the southwestern coast of India in the state of Kerala. With its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning natural beauty, Cochin has become a popular destination for travelers from around the world. The city is a melting pot of different influences, blending traditional Indian, colonial, and international elements seamlessly. Cochin has a fascinating past, having been a major port and trading hub for centuries. Its strategic location on the Arabian Sea attracted traders from China, Arabia, Europe, and beyond, leaving behind a legacy of diverse architectural styles and cultural traditions. The city's historical significance is evident in its well-preserved landmarks, such as the Mattancherry Palace, Fort Kochi, and the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets. Beyond its historical charm, Cochin is also renowned for its natural beauty. The city is surrounded by the serene backwat