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Gwalior in the state of Madhya Pradesh

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Gwalior, the fourth largest city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, owes its fame to the fort, situated atop a 300 feet hill, which the Mughal emperor Babur called "Moti among the fort of Hind". Gwalior is also known as the cultural center and home of the famous poet and musician Tansen and a renowned gharana or school of classical Hindustani music.

There is a legend about the origin of the name of Gwalior. It is said that Suraj Sen, the 13th-century prince of the Rajput Sikarwar clan, was cured of leprosy by sage Gwalipa. To thank the sage, the prince named a new city after him.
For centuries, Gwalior was the capital of many dynasties. In 1231 a Muslim army invaded Gwalior and the city remained under Muslim domination until the next century. In 1375, it fell to Raja Vir Singh and the Tomar dynasty.
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There is no dearth of tourist places in Madhya Pradesh. Jabalpur is one of them. It is situated on the banks of river Narmada. Visual delights include the Madan Mahal Fort and the Dhundhar Falls. The name literally means the Smoke Cascade which does all the justice to see this spectacular fall. . Then you have the famous marble rocks at Vedaghat near Jabalpur. Boating in the Narmada River on the full moon night, seeing the blue color of the full moon will leave an indelible impression in your heart. Jabalpur is called the land of the Gondwans because in the 13th century, it was ruled by the Gonds. The period of the reign of Maharaja Sangramshahi is remembered as a golden age and it was during the reign of The Gonds that most of the city's waterfalls - lakes, wells, reservoirs and the like -…