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Pick Barcelona For Your Memorable Honeymoon

     Blog By  Shailja Daga  Pick Barcelona For Your Memorable Honeymoon Barcelone is a marvelous collection of beautiful beaches, ancient historic places, luxuriant hotels, convenient transportation connectivity, hi-class dining places and much more to pen down making Spain a fantastic option for honeymooners. This Spanish Sunshine is a perfect location for the two newly married individuals about to start a new life. Camp Nou If your spouse is one of the die heart sports fans then Camp Nou should be a must visit on your list. One of the popular attractions of Barcelona this stadium has a capacity to accommodate 99,000 people and is worthy of your visit. And if lucky you might just get a chance to witness a game. Montjuïc Montjuïc is a beautiful shallow hill with a flat top towards the south west part of the city. You can enjoy a mesmerizing view of the harbor of the city from the eastern side of the hill. Additionally, another interesting place to visit is Pa