Honeymoon in Phillipines

                                                                                                                          By  Shailja Daga 

Honeymoon in Phillipines

Thailand once a must visit place in Asia has now become a cheap touristy location always bustling with foreigners looking for the famous massages or lounging on the golden beaches. While it still has the scenic beauty people are looking for, it has lost the quiet solitude that would make it romantic – that is Thailand is no longer an ideal honeymoon location. A better substitute, that is yet undiscovered, is Phillippines. It is perfect for all those couples wishing to go abroad but unable to spend exceptionally large amounts.  

A vacation in Phillippines can be as Economic as one in Thailand, but the experience can be so much better. This tropical country has over 7000 islands! One can only imagine the variety of beaches it offers and since most tourists get diverted to Thailand and Malaysia, one often finds secluded beaches which can be a bliss when on your honeymoon! The one beach more famous than the rest here is the one in Boracay sporting white sand and clear turquoise blue waters. Several activities like kayaking, scuba diving and other water sports are possible here. 

For all the nature lovers, there are several other forms of nature to be enjoyed here as well. One can go mountaineering upon any of the 37 volcanoes of the country. Or one could simply bask in the glory of the diverse wildlife sported by its various islands! Mount Pinatubo, Rice Terraces and Chocolate Hills are only a few names of the geographic marvels present here.   

But Phillippines is not just about aesthetic pleasure. It stimulates all sensory organs! You’ll taste the world’s greatest and most unique food items here. You’ll revel in the spirit of cheap alcohol flowing like water in the parties on the beaches. You’ll be warmed by the welcome of the natives who’ll make you feel right at home. You’ll hear traditional folk music that’ll force your feet to stomp in the sand. You’ll be charmed by the hustling bustling flea markets of San Juan – fraught with colour and craft. You’ll ride on a classic Filipino ‘Jeepney’ and experience the city as a resident. You’ll also get to relax with a couple’s spa administered by some of the World’s Best Masseuse.  

At the end of it all, you’ll sit under the moon and stars visible in the clear night sky, reflected upon the calm waters and look deep into your newlywed spouse’s eyes and know that you chose the most perfect location for your Honeymoon!


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