Why Kerala should be your Honeymoon Destination

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Why Kerala should be your Honeymoon Destination

Marriages are a wonderful thing but they say, that to have a successful marriage you should choose your Honeymoon destination very wisely

Ha, just kidding!
Well there is no such rule for that, but surely choosing the perfect honeymoon destination could be a task. But worry not, we have searched thoroughly and found the perfect destination for you love birds, and guess what? It is totally in your budget!
Kerala is just perfect for a warm, cozy, adventurous and outmost romantic honeymoon. Long walks on beach watching the Sunset, 5 star accommodations, laidback house boat rides, astounding sea food, misty hills, picturesque backwaters and the ever refreshing coconut water treat. What could possibly be more romantic than this ?

With Arabian Sea at shores you can enjoy the beach and the sea abundantly with your soulmate along with the best places in Kerala which makes your honeymoon outstandingly amazing.

Here is a list of 5 places where you can take the love of your life and make memories for a lifetime.

1)      Floating Cottages – Poovar

You have stayed in luxury hotels with lush beds and washrooms and other facilities but what is the point of honeymoon if it is not any different from your other trips?
To prove that point, visit Poovar in Kerala and enjoy your stay at the famous floating cottages there. Yes the cottages are actually on water floating in real! The floating cottages keep moving all the time and have a little balcony for the visitors to inhale the heavenly sea winds and the view of the Poovar estuary where the beach, backwaters, lake and the Arabian Sea come together to make something completely unearthly and beautiful.

With the Arabian Sea nearby and its alluring beaches, you can stroll off with your naked feet absorbing the warmth of the golden sand with every step you take.

2)      Chembra Peak - Wayanad
With a perpetual heart shaped lake in the middle of it, Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad and is among the highest rated love spot in Kerala. The trip to Chembra Peak is romantic as well as adventurous as one need to trek all the way up through the dense trees for about 2 kms.

The lake is said to be eternal and never changing and is covered in snow most of the time which is why it thus becomes the ultimate place for couples to spend time at.

3)      Tea Gardens- Munnar

The tea Gardens of Munnar are a point where the bonding of every couple flourishes. Surrounded by green studded mountains with the refreshing smell of tea leaves, and the sun playing hide and seek from behind, the ideal place to spend the perfect evening with your other half.

4)      Houseboat Cruise- Kumarakom
Kerala has two great backwaters for a cruise ride, Kumarakom and Alleppey. But out of both, Kumarakom is more suitable for a romantic date because Alleppey has narrower path ways making a good but not so romantic place for a date. The Kumarakam cruise takes you closer to the grassy rice paddies and thriving coconut trench of Kerala.

5)      Rocky Promenade- Kovalam

Rocky beach at Kovalam is one of the places where you cannot do anything but fall for your love all over again. The beach was created in a way that there is a bay which makes it the exemplary place to get drenched in the sea water salts and relax. There is a cliff top nearby to visit along with the villages for fishing and breathtaking cultural shows to encounter.

If you wish you can climb the cliff and enjoy watching the mesmerizing view from there of the Kovalam lighthouse.

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