The UnSeen Chandigarh

Blog By  Sakshi Kocher 

The UnSeen Chandigarh Blog By  Sakshi Kocher 

“Don’t call it a Dream… 

Call it a Plan.”
Chandigarh is considered to be one of the best planned cites of India which dumbfounds its tourists with the globally remarked architecture and the quality of life it has.
It is the epitome of tranquillity and divinity.
Rock garden, Sukhna Lake, Rose garden, Japanese garden and other few to the list are some of the Chandigarh’s best attractions. However, listed below are some places to experience the exquisite nature of Chandigarh.

1.                        Aroma
A living legend and the paragon of the hard work of Kohli Brothers this first commercial building of Chandigarh became the iconic view of the future. This hotel has witnessed the joys, ecstasy and the protests of this city; it has seen Chandigarh developing into a regional hub for many.

2.                        Shastri Market, Sector-22
Spend some time in the hustle bustle of this cheap market in Chandigarh. From households to funky clothing trends the streets of this market are foregathered with everything at rock-bottomed rates. 

Do not forget to try out the food stalls selling local lip smacking treats.

3.                        Indian Coffee House, sector-17
One of the oldest coffee house in Chandigarh running since 1971 is serving its best tantalizing aromatic coffee until today. Apart from the freshly brewed coffee, you can top up yourself with the quick snack bites from their wide menu.

4.                        Tagore Theatre

Located in Sector-18, it is a souvenir of Rabindranath Tagore in 1962.
It is one of the oldest hub for cultural programs.

5.                        Geri Route
This set of streets in Chandigarh is one of the winning attraction points for the youth to drive bikes and cars. From wheelie to fender drag in bikes and from barrel roll to flat spin in cars, one can witness every type of stunt on Geri route that encompasses from sector 8-11.

Weekend gateway to Chandigarh- Nahan

If you are planning to spend your weekend in the lofty mountains then Nahan is the best option to choose.
Residing among the Shivalik range, its lush green view and clean roads takes you away from the bustling crowd of the city.
Encircled with foliage, Nahan is flecked with beautiful temples and lakes. Folktales and legends are another trait whirling around this place.

Nahan is full of beauteous places where you can enjoy its alluring beauty at a closer glance.

Places to visit in Nahan

1.                        Renuka Lake
It is a personification to Goddess Renuka as this largest natural lake is in the reclining form of a woman.
Situated 38 km away from Nahan this place is a solace in itself. You can also pay a visit to various temples situated nearby devoted to the Goddess Renuka.

2.                        Churdhar Peak

A 50 km trek positioned a height of 3650 m above sea level. Churdhar Peak is reachable from other prolific peaks like Dadahu, Bhawal, Gandhuri, Nauhra and Sangrah.

After the backbreaking trek, the trekkers are welcomed with a picturesque landscape, which is simply incredible.

3.                        Suketi Fossil Park

Suketi Fossil Park is one of a park in Asia, which is 21 km away from Nahan. A museum park built under one roof accommodating number of fossils of Mesozoic era.
A well-established park on the actual sites of fossils discovery including the Giant Tortoise, Grand Elephant, Sabre Toothed-Tiger and Giraffe.

4.                        Rani Tal

Rani Tal is a royal treat by nature with a legendary past. This tranquil abode is known for its boating and a spot for family picnic.

5.                        Trekking

With diverse options in trekking at Nahan, visitors can enjoy the trek from Nahan to Renukaji and Churdhar Peak provides a spectacular view from the top.

6.                        Jaitak Fort
Erected on the summit of Jaitak hills, 25 km away from Nahan. Constructed by Gurkha leader Ranjor Singh Thapa in 1810 using the materials recuperated from the ransacked Nahan Fort.
Its vivid and strategic setting deserves a view standing on the countryside.  

A sunrise on the way to the Nahan.
Incredible India!!!


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