Amazing and Alluring Andaman

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Amazing and Alluring Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a large group of 600 islands in the Bay of Bengal is one of the seven union territories of India. It is one of the most travel destinations in India and is known for its white beaches, landscapes, and crystal clear blue sea water. Andaman also has a rich history that connects one to India’s fight for independence. Excluded and untouched with human disturbance, its uncanny elegance and beauty have delighted people and many have become repeat visitors to experience the magnificent island. Needless to say, you will have one of a lifetime experience in Andaman.

Adventure and Andaman
Andaman offers a plethora of activities that you can do along with your partner while on your honeymoon. Watersports is one of the major attractions here along with most beautiful coral reefs to be found underwater. Sea walks, underwater diving, snorkeling, and game fishing are few adventure sports that you can enjoy.
 Scuba diving will take you close to life within the sea imparting an experience for a lifetime difficult to pen. You can explore various forms of sea life like fishes, octopuses, and corals. Swim along with the fishes and savor the underwater experience. Snorkeling is another water activity to enjoy with your partner. While snorkeling in clear waters of Andaman you can see varieties of fishes and plant species. It’s a great way to explore the amazing marine life of Bay of Bengal.
Since Andaman is aloof from human interaction, the flora and fauna here constitute of a lot of species. The fishes have grown to enormous sizes. This makes it a good environment for the game fishing activity – the catch and release game. Sea walking is another unique adventure that you can experience with your partner. A stroll on the ocean bed among the corals, fauna, and fishes will be an experience to remember. All these water-sport activities can be done on a few islands, Havelock is the prime location.  
Another standout adventure sport in Andaman is trekking. You can even camp in the forest with your partner and explore the life in woods. While taking a boat ride near the Barren Island, you can experience a live volcano as well. This is just a glimpse of activities that Andaman has to offer. Its pristine environment will leave an everlasting memory with you.

Visit this marvelous group of  Islands and experience a completely different World  !

Amazing and Alluring Andaman
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