Maldives – Can a Dream Vacation Destination be better than this ?

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Maldives – Can a Dream Vacation Destination be better than this  ?
How about spending an exotic evening with your loved one on a remote island ?  Sounding Reel ! 
Turn this dream to realty at Maldives. Yeah, this beautiful country boasts 1190 striking islands lies south-west of India. This Islamic country has its population majorly dependent over tourism but you will find a cultural diversification which is influenced with a vigorous mix of Sinhaiese, South Indian and Arab culture. Right from their traditional cuisines to music and ambience, you will find a reflection of this vigorous combination in its each sphere. 
Each exclusive hotel here possesses its personal island. Yeah, you read it Right! With its amazing diversity of corals bearings bearing 2000 species of fishes, it is one of the perfect adventure-filled holiday destinations for any romantic duo. If you love snorkeling, shallow lagoon are the best deals here for that matter. Crystal clear water gives away breath-taking view with serene environs. Reef sharks, Wahle sharks, Moray eels, Reef fish and rays are some of the species that you find here in abundance. 
With its fragile ecosystem, the average ground level above sea here is just 1.5 m thus making it one of the lowest countries on the earth. Some of the major attractions to the place that one can’t afford to miss are:
Diving Bluetribe Moofushi: From Moofushi excursion to Scuba diving and Snorkeling, the place is up with its remarkable offering to any fervent adventurer. 
Sun Island Beach: This glorious island of Nalaguraidhoo is worth exploring for its beautiful tropical flowers, dazzling blue lagoons and lush green surroundings. This picturesque island will let you captivate some of your lifetime memories.
Alimatha Island : Located on eatern reef of Felidhe Atoll with over 1 Km of acquamarine lagoons and white beaches, Scuba diving and abundant fish life are the two major attractions here. 
Manta Point: Also known as Emas Thila, the place is perfect for drift dives on south and north sides of Thila. But only experiences divers are recommended to discover the place for the drift diving purposes as it may observe strong currents as well. 
Banana Reef: It was the first dive site discovered in Maldives which still magnetize tourists being colorful and prolific sea-life. It is shaped as Banana thus named as Banana Reef.
Grand Friday Mosque: By dominating the skyline of Male (capital of Maldives), this impressive mosque was established in 1984 in white marble and virtually free from any embellishment. It is reffered as one of the biggest mosques in Maldives.
Hukuru Miskiiy (Old Friday Mosque):  Crafted out of Coral stone, this beautiful mosque was established in 1656 and considered as one of the oldest mosque in Madives. A fascinating place where interiors are crafted with finesse wooden carvings and lacquer work.
Bodu Mora: As an experienced diver, you will love to kaleidoscope the sea life here, making it one of the idyllic islands. Relax over the beguiling sandy expense to rejuvenate yourself to the core.
Hulhumale: A pitstop to Maldives which is highly recommended to every visitor. This manmade island is expected to accommodate 50000 people by 2020 and developed under the Utopian project which began in 1997.  
Mulee Aage: Build in 1907, this Palace by Sultan Shamsuddeen is now the official residence of the president of Maldives.
Utheemu Ganduvaru: Explore the stimulating 500-year old interiors here as the place is considered as the childhood home of Mohammed Thakurufaanu, a famous Maldivian national Hero. He played a major role in throwing away Portuguese out of Maldives in 1573.
Biyadoo Island: Explore the jaw-dropping beauty of Maldives, lush tropical vegetation here will amuse you to the core. A best house reef in Maldives, the island perfectly provides tranquility and peace to its visitor.

These are some of the exotic places in Maldives that marks the distinction of the place as a vacation destination. There are specific bans on few things including alcohol, pork products and any religious texts including Bible which are not allowed to bring in to the country. One need to be little conscious while dressing especially women, as the semi-nude dresses and display of love and affection publically are strictly prohibited here. However, you may booze, wear bikinis and eat pork inside any resort. Yet, the place deserves thumbs up for its transparent blue lagoons as well as white sand beaches that stretch out into miles of blue skies and turquoise waters. 

So, just below India, an Exotic vacation destination is waiting right away for you to 
Turn Your Dream Vacation into Reality  !

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