Jim Corbett, Escapade and Recreation Go here Hand-in-Hand

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Jim Corbett, Escapade and Recreation Go here Hand-in-Hand

Vacations are fun, a break from a routine and throwing yourself into your comfort Zones but for some of the Travel enthusiasts it’s a time unveil their adventurous side. So, what could be better than choosing the land of Bengal Tigers which is glorified as India’s oldest  National Park – Jim Corbett National Park .  
Stretched across 520 square kms, the place is privileged with the first Tiger project launched in 1973. Just not Tigers, other rare species like endemic fish eating crocodiles and Otters makes the place more worthy to explore. One of the fewest places in India which give any adventurer an opportunity to rest in the lap of nature amidst its National Park. From rich  Bird-life to few species of Deer and Bengal Tigers of course, the place gives an opportunity to explore the beauty of wildlife with great amenities boasted by the resorts nested around   the reserve.
To have a best wildlife adventure, an overnight stay at Dhikala Zone is must. Surrounded   heavily with wild ambiance, it remains open from 15th November to 15th June. Forest  Accommodation available here with the basic facilities and it possesses historical relevance  as they are constructed by the Britishers. Exploring the commendable beauty of the nature  with the best sights of its exotic fauna is one of the soul-enriching experiences. Don’t miss  the exhilarating Jeep Safari to treasure a lifetime experience which can be arranged by the   resort you stay-in and schedules at early morning or evening. And if you wish to get more   adventurous, try out Elephant Safari here. The most exciting part of this safari is, the amazing story webbed by the ‘mahavat’ that gives goose-bumps to its Travelers. 

Dhela Safari Zone is another area worth exploring which is 13 kms away from Ramnagar city   and remains opened for the Tourists throughout the year. To enjoy best of bird-watching  experience, head to Durga Devi Zone which lies to the north-eastern boundary of Jim  Corbett.  Sitabani Buffer Zone is another area worth exploring via Zeep Safari to cherish   nature’s beauty.
Other Zones like Bijrani and Zhirna remain open for the Tourists throughout the year subject  to the whether conditions. Here you can enjoy the captivating activities of animals with bare   eyes. Best time to visit the place is between November to June. Nearest Railway Station to   the place is Ramnagar.  Jim Corbett is no doubt exceptional as a place that can cater Traveler of each genre!
Jim Corbett National Park is a Forested wildlife sanctuary in northern India’s Uttarakhand  State. Rich in Flora and Fauna, it’s known for its Bengal Tigers. Animals, including Tigers,  Leopards and wild elephants, roam the Dhikala Zone. On the banks of the Ramganga  Reservoir, the Sonanadi Zone is home to Elephants and Leopards, along with hundreds of   species of Birds.

Distances From major Airport / Railways  :

Delhi :  Delhi  Moradbad  Kasipur  Ramngar  [ 262 Kms ]
Nainital :  Kaladhugi - Ramngar  [ 60 Kms ]
Lucknow: Lucknow   Bareily   Kichaa   Rudrpur  Kashipur  Ramngar  [ 435 km ] 
Dehradun : Dehradun  via Ramnagar  [ 230 km ]

Address:  Jim Corbett National Park
Ramnagar, Nainital District, 244715 UK
Ph : 0 59 47 253 977
Established: 1935
Number of Visitors: 400000 Per Year

Major Hotels / Resorts 

The Gateway Resort CorbettS
The Solluna Resort
The Riverview Retreat
WelcomHeritage Corbett Ramganga Resort
Jukaso Manu Maharani Corbett In Dhikuli
Corbett - Treetop Riverview, A Sterling Holidays Resort
Corbett The Baagh Spa & Resort

Dhikala Forest  Lodge Resorts  :

Jim Corbett National Park is the only National Park in India that offers night stay inside its  Jungle. Dhikala Forest Lodge is a historic structure, have been built over a hundreds of year 
ago by Britishers. This old rest house is very much popular among Tourists. It offers snug   Accommodation option with breathtaking vistas of flora and fauna. Though it is not very  much luxury but the staying experience amidst Jungle is something simpl unforgettable. 

The Tourism inside the Park is run and managed by UK Forest Department.   

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