Sri Lanka Gateway to an ‘Exotic’ Honeymoon

                                                                                                      Blog By Reema Singhal  

When it comes to quest for a remarkable honeymoon destination, fewer of us might convinced to Sri Lanka as a ‘perfect’ Destination for that matter. However, it is one of the ‘exotic’ gateways for any newly-wed couple who is seeking a perfect blend of adventure and romance. Sri Lanka has always been known for its flavorful culture, warm people and iconic nature views. Below are hand-picked destinations in Sri Lanka which every honeymooner should explore to make their ‘treasured-vacation’ exemplary:

Spectacular beach - Bentota
What makes Sri Lanka incredible as a beach honeymoon gateway that it can be visit anytime during the year. While the west coast is apt from November to April, you may head to east coast anytime between May to October. With its plethora of activities, the place serves an outstanding combination of adventure and tranquility. Indulge yourself into fun with sailing, diving and snorkeling and spend some intimate moments with the awe-inspiring views of beautiful palm fringes and Bantota Ganga merging into erotic lagoon.  

Colonial Culture at Nuwara Eliya
Give your honeymoon an adventure-filled start with this amazing city at Sri Lanka. Calling it a ‘Little England’ is not a exaggeration and you will find here red-brick houses and lush green slopes in abundance. From treks to hikes and various waterfalls like Rawana Falls, Lover’s Leap fall etc, this beautiful city is up with its remarkable offerings for every newly-wed.

Tranquility at Trincomalee
White sandy beach, a pigeon island and sight-seeing are some of the core highlights of this beautiful beach in Sri Lanka.  Lazing around beach and walking on shores with hand-in-hand are some of the exemplary experiences that any newly-wed would love to seek to know their partner better. The serenity of the surroundings here sets environ exceptionally romantic for ‘love-birds’.

Sunset at Mirrisa
Who cares around when the love is in the air? But at Mirrisa, environ will make you two in fall in love with each other all over again! Known for its spectacular sunrise and sunset, enjoy sharing a king coconut while adoring the beauty of ‘love’. If you could somehow manage to take your eyes off from each other, the serene surroundings will make you amuse to the core.

Go Adventurous at Yala National Park
An offbeat destination which is generally adored by adventurous couples for its iconic beauty and wild life. A safari ride to explore the verdant beauty of this national park is a great idea. Highest density of leopards will help you ‘spot’ them anywhere. So, add a charm with a jungle night life and set a new beginning of your married life which making it memorable.

An exhilarating Experience at Central Highland
Another idyllic Honeymoon gateway that gives you ample of opportunity to adore your better-half along the serene views around. Multiple streams transverse through the grasslands will enrich you with a soul-satisfying experience. Standing a-top over an edge of a plateau overlooking the tea-estates is another great experience worth to explore.

With its astonishing offerings, Sri Lanka is no doubt emerged as one of the alluring Honeymoon destinations and will delight the honeymooners beyond their  Expectations !


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