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Travel money cards are a popular, convenient and secure way to buy foreign currency and take it overseas. Essentially, travel money cards are specially designed debit cards that you load up with foreign currencies prior to 

The advantage of pre-loading the card with your choice of currency is that you can do so when the exchange rate is at its most favourable – you can convert your money into foreign currency when it’s worth the most. Spending in the local currency also means you won’t pay currency conversion fees every time.

For the traveller going to one country or several, a travel money card has many pros and cons over other types of travel money. A travel money card can be easier (and more secure) than carrying cash or traveller’s cheques, because you can preload a card with a single currency or several, according to your travel plans. Different cards offer different currencies but most products offer US dollars, UK pounds, Euros, and New Zealand dollars, among others.

Once abroad, you can reload your card or change the currencies around via the internet or your mobile phone. You can use your card to withdraw cash from ATMs, shop for souvenirs, pay for restaurant meals or book accommodation online.

You simply buy one and load it with money before you set off.  A prepaid card isn’t a credit card, so you can’t run up debts on them. You have a choice of currencies you can put on the card – pounds, euros or US dollars – depending on 
your destination.

If you’re travelling around Britain or going to a country where euros and US dollars aren’t the local currency, you should choose a sterling prepaid card. 

Whenever you use it abroad, the amount will be converted into the local currency at the current exchange rate set by the card company and taken off the card.

For travellers going to one of the 17 countries on the Continent within the Eurozone, a euro travel prepaid card is the right choice and if you’re holidaying in America choose a card loaded with dollars.  In this way you know what the exchange rate is at the start of your trip.

Prepaid cards carry the MasterCard or Visa logos and are accepted by cash machines and retailers who are signed up to these card scheme networks in the same way as debit and credit cards.

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