Places to Visit in Pattadakal, Sightseeing and Things to Do

Places to Visit in Pattadakal, Sightseeing and Things to Do...


Karnataka a South Indian state is one amazing place which is adobe of several historical places, temples, heritage sites which are worth of visiting once in a lifetime. The excellent state owes various popular heritage sites that are outstanding examples of the ancient art and architecture. The region is blessed with mind-blowing attractions that reveal the beauty of the enchanting wonders that surely offer a pleasurable holiday to a large number of tourists every year. Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg, Hampi, Mangalore and a few more are architectural delights and wonderful places with rich serene beauty.
Apart from these spectacular places one must visit Pattadakal which is a magnificent destination of Karnataka. The temples stand as the living example of the architectural brilliance of the skilled experts of 7th and 8th century. The sculptures, constructions style and the designs turn the place to be a UNESCO heritage site. The majestic region reveals the excellence of the skilled artisans and is one must visit destination of Karnataka. People can witness the beauty of the art and architecture of the Chalukya rulers and the impressive artwork make people feel amazed.

Pattadakal is located in the Kannada speaking state Karnataka and is situated on the bank of the Malaprabha River in Bagalakote. The fascinating region is easy to reach from Bengaluru and one can see countless monuments around the region. One can easily reach the majestic location Pattadakal by air, train and bus as there is a better means of transportation from a majority of the places around Karnataka. The Chalukya rulers designed the monuments and temples in a great way and are surrounded with several shrines which are to be visited at least once in a life.
The Chalukya rulers with the ceremonial capital Pattadakal ruled the region and built many monuments during their rule. Till date one can see the grace and charm of the royal constructions which make structure the heritage site and one can see the temples with Indo-Aryan construction style. The Chalukyan rulers in between 7th and 8th century created the wonderful temples and monuments that stand as a blend of Chalukya, Nagara, Dravidian styles. The unique architectural wonders owe a distinctive style and there are nearly ten temples which are masterpieces and are inscribed as the UNESCO heritage sites in 80’s.Along with the magnificent constructions one can see the serene beauty of the holy city as the region is known for scenic view behind the monuments which make the whole place an extraordinary region.
There are various many temples in the region which are architectural splendors and of all the Virupaksha Temple, Jain Narayana Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple, Sangameshwara Temple and a few more are known for the finest carvings as well as unique sculptures on the outer walls. Apart from the above one can even see the beauty of the carved figures on other temples including the Papanatha Temple, Jambulinga Temple and a few more complexes which are the show cases of the intricate designs that are blend of both north and south architectural styles.
·         The brilliant architectural style the oldest temples are worth of visiting and a few temples in Pattadakal were constructed to celebrate the victory of the rulers.
·         The archaeological sites are specimen of the marvelous construction style of the Chalukyan rulers and the Virupaksha Temple owes a unique place of all the temples.
·         The mandapas, stone pillars, beautiful sculptures carved in the complex and the elevation of the entrance make the temple much unique.
·         The eclectic art of the sculptures reveal the extraordinary skill of the king builders Chalukya and are worth of exploring thoroughly.
·         Apart from the Virupaksha temple the Jaya Narayana Temple is another example for the architectural style and every temple carry its own uniqueness in construction style and even in the intricate designs.
·         The dancing poses and the huge structures of the historical temples reveal the architectural taste of the rulers.
·         All the ten temples are designed by the craftsmen allow people to watch the ancient Indian architecture closely.
So, people planning to spend a holiday exploring the fascinating architectural wonders must plan a holiday to the Pattadakal which is a world heritage site. The temple complex of nearly ten temples acquired the status because of the stylish constructions which reflect the architectural brilliance. Tourists interested in visiting unsurpassable architecture need to pack the bags to the significant location in Karnataka as each and every temple in Pattadakal reflect the blend of architectural styles if those times.
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