COVID-19 - Bankruptcy Declared by Avianca the World’s Second Oldest Airline

COVID-19 - Bankruptcy Declared by Avianca  the World’s Second Oldest Airline: The future of the second oldest airline and the flag bearer of Columbia since 5 December 1919 files for bankruptcy after the hit from the pandemic.  The rich history of Avianca dates back to the 20th century when it was founded by the merger between SCADTA (Sociedad Colombo Alemana de Transportes Aéreos)and SACO (Servicio Aéreo Colombiano). Soon the influence of Avianca became global, with the joint ventures with the Grace Shipping Company in 1928 to frame Panagra; this joint endeavor began to order nearnessinside Latin America with routes in key cross-continent cities. By the midway point of the last century the aircraft got things started in Europe with various new courses. Lisbon, Paris and Rome were adjusted by 1950, giving Avianca a significantly more prominent worldwide presence. Aviancas global reach made it a proud member of the leading alliance of airlines, Star Alliance. Avianca stoo


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