Tourism has become an exciting industry across the globe. Contribution to national and tans-national economies is as huge as its growth.
Tourism industry in India has become one of the leading contributors to the economy. Early days tourism was limited and people were not aware of it. When the government came into power , doors opened to many economic opportunities. Despite the shift in economic conditions , the growth potential of tourism has been and still is threatened by many factor such as poverty, unemployment and crime.
 Tourist are sensitive towards traveling to destination where crime may put them at risk. Tourism is growing at a very good rate but the problem which is occurring is the crime. Crime is an unusual activity which threatens the safety and security of the people , property their sense of well being as well as social order . In many countries around the world especially in popular destinations, crime committed against tourist has become major issue. Crime committed against tourist is not a new thing. Crime against travelers  affect many people beside the victim and their families and friends. As unpleasant experience of an tourist at a particular destination are widely covered by the social media , which can be subjected to a bad publicity and the number of tourist visiting the area will decline.
Goa is no exception to this problem. With 73 cases Goa stand at the top of the list of India' s 29 states for crime committed against foreigners. 27 arrested under the narcotic drugs substances act last year
India's smallest state comes distant second to Delhi (164) Nations capital has recorded three cases lesser than Goa of foreigners caught under the NDPS act last year
 These kind of activities harm tourist emotionally as well  as physically.
Crime does effect tourism negatively and can spoil the image of the destination .It is vital that safety and security be tightened to ensure growth of the tourism industry.

Ayushi Upadhyay

Aviation Law Advisor


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