Countries with the largest no. of International Airports

Here's is the list of Countries with the largest no. of International Airports -  

1)      USA – 92 International Airports  

United states top the list with whopping 92 international airports. US airports are among the busiest airports in the world.Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport has been the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic since 1998, and by number of landings and take-offs from 2005 to 2013, and in 2015. US also boast of other major airports such as San Fransisco International Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

2)      Russia  – 67 International Airports

Russia is distant second in the list with 67 airports to its name. Domededovo and Shremetyevo airports are two busiest airports of the country and both are in Moscow. In 2015, Shremeteyo airport handled 31,612,402 passengers and 256,104 aircraft movements, making the airport the busiest of the Russian Federation.  

3)      China  – 65 International Airports

China occupies third spot in the list with 65 international airports. There are many busy airports in China but Beijing international airport carries 94,393,414 passengers in a year which makes it to the list of busiest airports in the world.

4)      Mexico  – 36 International Airports

Mexico with 36 International airports is fourth in the list. Out of the 36 international airports, 15 of them carries an annual passenger traffic of over a million. The busiest airport of Mexico is the Mexico City international airport with an annual traffic of over 38 million passengers.

5)      France – 34 International Airports

France has 34 international airports and many more domestic airports. Charles de Gaulle airport of Paris is one of the greatest airports of the world. It carries an annual passenger traffic of more than 65 million passengers.

6)      India  – 32 International Airports

India, the largest democracy in the world, is 6th on this list. With so many more international airports coming up, the rank is ought to get better. Mumbai, Nagpur and Delhi are some of the oldest airports of the country. Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi carries the highest passenger traffic in the country followed by Mumbai and other metro cities.

7)      Italy  – 29 International Airports

Rome has 29 international airports and the Leonardo da Vinci Airport of Rome is the most popular airport in Italy. It carries over 40 million passengers annually. Malpensa airport of Milan is the second most popular airport of the country carrying over 18 million passengers.

8)      Spain  – 29 International Airports

Spain also has 29 international Airports. Madrid-Barajas Airport is the busiest airport of the country carrying over 46 million passengers. Barcelona airport also sees a passenger traffic of about 40 million annually. Making both of them as one of the busiest airports of Europe.

9)      Indonesia  – 23 International Airports

Indonesia occupies the 9th spot in our ranking with 23 international airports. The most popular airport of Indonesia is theSoekarno Hatta International Airport of Jakarta.

10)   Brazil – 23 International Airports

Brazil with 23 international airports is 10th on our list. Brazil has 4 of the 23 airports sees a traffic of more than 10 million passengers annually. The Sao Paulo international  airport sees a traffic of more than 38 million passengers and is one of the busiest airports of South America.

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