Aarti Sai Baba Aarti (साईं बाबा आरती)

Sai Baba Aarti (साईं बाबा आरती)

Sai Baba Aarti  

Aarti Shree Sai guruvar ki,Parmanand sada survar ki.
Jaki kripa vipul sukhkari,Dukh, shok, sankat,bhaykari II 1 II
Shirdi mein avtar rachaya, Chamatkar se tatva dikhaya II 2 II
kitne bhakt charan par aaye, veh sukh-shanti chirtan paye II 3 II
Bhav dhare mann mein jaisa, pavat anubhav woh hi waisa II 4 II
Guru ki udi lagave tan ko,Samadhan lahbhat uss mannko II 5 II
Sai naam sada jo gave, So phal jag mein shshvat pave II 6 II
Guruvarsar kari pooja-seva, uss par kripa karat gurudeva II 7 II
Ram, krishna, Hanuman roop mein, De darshan jaanat jo mann mein II 8 II
Vividh dharm ke sevak aate, Darshan se eechit phal pate II9II
Jai bolo Saibaba ki, Jai bolo Avdhotguru ki II10 II
'Saidass' Aarti ko gave, Ghar mein basi sukh, mangal pave II 11 II.

Sai Baba Aarti & Mantra | Sai Baba LWP | Sai Baba Worship | Sai Baba Photo Frame | Sai Baba Chalisa
A new way to worship Lord Sai Baba is here!

Sai Baba All In One is as the name says an All in One app for Lord Sai Baba

Here you will get Sai Baba Aarti & Mantras in text as well as in audio.
- Sai Baba Kakad Aarti
- Sai Baba Shej Aarti
- Sai Baba Madhyan Aarti
- Sai Baba Dhoop Aarti
- Sai Baba Mantras
- Sai Baba Ashthorshat Namvali.

Read on for the detailed features.

1. Sai Baba Worship Page
2. Sai Baba Live Wallpaper
3. Sai Baba Photo Frame
4. Ringtone & Alarm of Sai Baba Kakad Aarti, Sai Baba Madhyan Aarti, Sai Baba Dhoop Aarti, Sai Baba Shej Aarti, Sai Baba Stotra, Sai Baba Mantra, Sai Baba poojan.
5. Text of all Sai Baba mantra, aarti, Namvali etc.

We thought that there are lot of Lord Sai Baba apps on the store, but most of them provide one single functionality. There is not a single app which is universal in a true sense. So we thought to create one.
This Sai Baba App provides such in depth functionalities that it is a must have app for any true devotee of Lord Sai Baba.

1. Sai Baba Worship Page - This is the most important feature of this app.

Here you can see Lord Sai Baba set on some set like we see in shirdi sai baba temple.

We have provided with different Sai Baba murti.

You can set different mantra or Sai baba Kakad aarti, Sai Baba Shej Aarti, Sai Baba Dhoop Aarti, Sai Baba madhyan aarti, 

We have provided with neat animation of diya, ghanta, flowers, incense stick etc.

Just open this screen and set the phone aside, it itself is a form of worship.

2. Sai Baba Live Wallpaper - You can avail all the above features on the wallpaper of your phone.
No matter which app is running, you can see Lord Sai Baba every time you see the homescreen.

3. Sai Baba Photo Frame - Here you can click your photo with Lord Sai Baba especially in a pose where he is blessing you. You can add color effects as well.

4. Ringtone & Alarm - The app provides tens of different aartis, mantras, stotras. You can set any of them as ringtone of your phone or as an alarm. It feels so good to get up in the morning with the sound of Sai Baba Stotra.

5. Text - Complete text of all the Sai Baba aartis, mantra, stotras. In Hindi Sanskrit & Marathi language.

If you are reading this much, it is clear that there is no substitute to this app. If you are a true devotee of Lord Sai Baba , this is a must have app, period. It combines everything that you might or might not have imagines.

Apart from these features, the aesthetics of the app, the beauty of Sai Baba images is like cherry on the top!

And oh, there is more. There is audio recording of lot of different mantra like Sai Baba mantra, Sai Baba aarti & so on.

Download this Universal Sai Baba App and worship endlessly !

Om Sai Ram!

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Disclaimer ...

Shirdi Sai Baba App By AlfaBloggers  is not the official website of any temple. We are not representing any temple or trust or any associate of the Official Temple .This is a private and commercial site and has no link, relationship to Shirdi Sai temple trust.


  1. Even in his subtle form, Swami continues to touch the hearts of the indigent people through the initiatives undertaken by His ardent devotees.

    madhusudan naidu

    madhusudan naidu muddenahalli

  2. Sai Baba has always believed that education is an effective tool for transformation.

    madhusudan Naidu

    madhusudan Naidu muddenahalli

  3. Many schools have been established under the enlightenment of Swami to help children understand human values along with attaining academic excellence.
    madhusudan naidu

    madhusudan naidu muddenahalli

    madhusudan naidu

    madhusudan naidu muddenahalli


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