Direct Business Associates [ DBA ] for A1 Cabs India

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Direct Business Associates [ DBA ] for A1 Cabs 

Franchise Proposal
A1 Cabs started in 2012 by Capt. Shekhar Gupta a young Indian Entrepreneur, who saw huge opportunity in the taxi service in Indore, India.  He embarked on his journey with a Mission “to deliver friendly, safe, easily accessible, and low cost transportation options to customers”. He is the Founder / CEO of Aerosoft Corp Aerosoft Corp. is the India's Best and Asia's finest b2b Aviation SEO Company.

A1 cab is a Low Cost, No Frill, Win-Win Business Concept without compromising on Quality and Services.  A1 cabs offer top class car rental solutions at a very low price. We pride ourselves for having the lowest fare structure when compared with others. A1 cabs serve its customer needs with utmost efficiency and professionalism. They have an array of cars, suited for different purposes and budgets.

A1 cab’s entire fleet of cars is modern, clean, well maintained and fitted with the latest satellite Navigation system; every car is tested before commencement of each trip. The entire workforce is well trained and capable of handling all the car rental requirements. A1 cab provides car rental solution where you need them: in city, hotels, airport and railway station or at your residence. At A1 cabs, we have dedicated our time to your driving wants and needs. Whatever the occasion, be assured that there is a range of carefully tailored services for you to choose from.

We are planning to expand this business in Indore in first phase, very soon all over India in second phase and globally in the third phase by giving franchisee.
The objectives for the first three years of operation include:

Ø  To establish as a reputed service-based company with a primary goal to exceed customer's expectations.
Ø  To increase customers by 20% per year through superior performance and word-of-mouth referrals.
Ø  To develop a sustainable taxi service serving the major Areas.

Capt. Shekhar Gupta, Founder and CEO
He is a Professional Pilot with more than 10 years’ experience of Flying on different types of Air crafts in different countries with accident free flying record. He started his flying career from Skycabs [Colombo] and worked for many Airlines Training Companies from different parts of the world. He is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association [USA], Royal Society of Aeronautics [UK], Delhi Flying Club, Aeronautical Society of India, MP Flying Club Indore, Aeronautical Research Society.
He personally conducts classes/lecture series for IIT & IIM students in India and others abroad.
He likes to explore new avenues and possibilities and turn them to his advantage. 
He also owns a small Farm House [Asiatic AgroTech Research Center] where medicinal plants and herbs are grown. He is also into organic farming (which apparently is the latest fad) of wheat and soya beans. 
He does not fear the unknown but believe riding high on it.

Business Proposal

A1 cab, one of the fastest growing taxi service providers is offering you a great Franchise opportunity to virtually start your own travel company and be a part of the booming Billion Dollar Travel industry in India and worldwide.
It gives a big time Business Opportunity for Tech Savvy Youth to use their talent in right direction. This work is an Ideal work for educated house wives and Young Entrepreneurs of Age group 20 years to 28 years.

Ø  Our Franchisee Proposal aims to create Franchise Centers all over India to offer low cost Travel to our customers.
Ø  Our wide range of services includes: 24 hour full-service Airport/Railway/Bus Transportation, Corporate Rentals, Night on Town, Group Transportation, short and long term rentals and Sightseeing Tours.
Ø  We have the requisite industry experience of marketing and to attract customers.
Ø  We believe in offering a wide range of services at one stop at a very low price that no other service provider is offering in the travel space.
Ø  Franchisee owner can have any number of fleets he/she wants.
Ø  Parking vehicle will be the responsibility of the franchise/driver.
Ø  Hiring a driver will be the responsibility of the owner.
Ø  The vehicles for taxi service should not be older than two years.
Ø  Drivers salary will depend upon the owners will.
Ø  A1 cabs will help the drivers by providing the booking to drivers through their call centers.
Ø  The vehicles will be operated by our control room, where the drivers receive the data of a customer by GPS & customized automatic data dispatch technology within few minutes after the booking is made by the customer.
Ø  The driver is free to take passengers if he doesn’t get calls from the call center.
Ø  The driver is assigned a ride from the call center by tracking his presence through the GPS navigation system and hence he can NOT ignore the call center’s trip assignment.
Ø  The maintenance of the car will be the responsibility of the owner.
Ø  The advertising revenue generated from the vehicle will be shared between A1 cabs and the franchise owner.
Ø  We have our own marketing, customer support center all under one roof.
Ø  The Control room is equipped with the latest wireless communication set up for instant communication & faster pick-ups backed by technologically advanced software & hardware. These systems are supported with adequate back up in the form of men & machinery too.
Ø  We have the advantage of offering the best and the widest range of services at competitive prices, while ensuring customer satisfaction.
Ø  The owner will have to remove the driver if we receive more than 3 complaints against him in a year.
Ø  Our proposal offer excellent growth and profit potential for a Franchisor.

Eligibility Criteria

Ø  Owner should not have been convicted for any criminal offence.
Ø  Applicants can be Indian/Foreign Nationals.
Ø  Age: Applicants should have completed 18 years as on the date of submission of application for franchise. One document among the Matriculation or Secondary School Leaving Certificate indicating date of birth, Voters ID card, Passport, Birth Certificate, Aadhar or Driving License (Permanent) can be produced as proof of age.
Ø  Residential Status: Copy of voter ID card, Driving License, Passport, Aadhar, Insurance Policy, Telephone Bills or Bank passbook can be furnished as address proof.
Ø  Applicants shall submit a photo-identity card for ascertaining the identity of the applicant. Copy of voters ID card or Driving License or Passport or Income Tax PAN Card or Aadhar can be submitted as proof of identity.
Ø  Totally paralyzed or mentally unsound persons are not eligible.
Ø  Franchisees whose previous agreements with any service providers were terminated for proven malpractices/violations are not eligible.
Ø  Franchisor with experience of providing travel services will be given preference.
Ø  The Franchisor should have the capability to invest at least Rs 2 to 5 lakhs.
Ø  In particular we are keen to hear from Tech Savvy Youth, working professionals, educated house wives and Young Entrepreneurs.

Initial Investment:

Ø  The annual renewal Franchise fees shall be INR 10,000 per city  (depends on short/long distance)", to be paid at the start of each year.
Ø  Franchise owner needs not to have their own fleets of vehicles with navigation system.
Ø  Parking space for the vehicles.
Ø  Drivers for the vehicles.

Franchisee Benefits/Gains/Returns

Ø  Very lucrative, steady and risk free income
Ø  If the franchisor has only one Tata Indica then the minimum monthly income he/she can expect is approx. INR 17000after paying for driver, maintenance and fuel expenses. This is for long distance trip.
Ø  Additional income from Advertising revenue from the car.
Ø  A License to operate under the Brand Name of A1 cabs along with our reputation and goodwill.

Ø  Know-how to run the Franchisee
Ø  Marketing support
Ø  Training
Ø  Counseling support
Ø  Visiting cards.
Ø  A1 cabs Signage

Terms and conditions of Franchise

Ø  The Franchise/driver will maintain a complaint/suggestion book, which shall be placed at the disposal of the passengers intending to record their complaints & suggestions. The said book shall be made available for scrutiny and inspection by the officials of the A1 cabs.
Ø  The Franchise/driver will not book or load any type of prohibited luggage into the vehicle as accompanied luggage or parcels.
Ø  The Franchisee/driver has to pay all dues by him to the A1 cabs on time. Late payment will attract penalty.
Ø  The Franchisee shall not appoint a sub-franchisee.
Ø  The Franchisee shall be solely responsible for any business loss for any monetary nature from his appointed driver. A1 cabs shall not hold any responsibility for the same.
Ø  The Franchisee/driver will be responsible for any accidents during the trip. A1 cabs shall not hold any responsibility for the same.
Ø  The T&C for the driver shall be decided by the Franchisor. The employees hired by the Franchisor shall be on his payroll and not A1 cabs.
Ø  All Franchisees are authorized to publicize about the A1 cabs services being provided. They can also look for the advertisers.
Ø  A month implies ‘Calendar Month’ except where otherwise specified.
Ø  The A1 cabs reserves the right to modify or alter any of the terms and conditions by giving due intimation to the Franchisee and after considering his reply, if any.

Note: In addition, the terms and conditions upon which said Franchise is granted, and with which the Franchisee is hereby expressly required to comply, are each of those certain terms, conditions, limitations, representations and requirements as expressly set forth in the Proposal mentioned above.


Ø  The training will be given by A1 cabs at a regional hub or in centrally to the drivers and franchisors regarding basic skills necessary for taxi service business.
Ø  The cost of training will be borne by the A1 cabs, whereas the cost of travel/Transportation and stay is to be borne by the Franchisor/Driver.
Ø  A1 cabs has one training program yearly, however on need basis A1 cabs can decide to do more than 1 program as well.

We Provide Luxury, Deluxe and budget car rental services for internationally and other touristplace of India. Experience the pleasure of hire a car with us. We offer you top class car rental solutions at the most competitive price in internatinally or in india. So forget your travel woes and allow us to manage your cab hire needs with utmost efficiency and professionalism. We have an array of cars suited for different purposes and budgets. Our entire workforce is well trained and capable of handling all your car rental requirements.
About DBA :
We offer a life time opportunity as a DBA to the achievers in our field,for those who have fire in their bellies & dream in their mind. We are looking for self motivated, result oriented
guys. Who have the subject knowledge, contacts in the right places & who feel they can do
better given a free hand. We give you an opportunity to be your OWN BOSS in your territory, no work pressure, no politics only result & rewards. We invite you to be part of one of the Fastest Growing Company. We give you your own project to work upon which give you Higher Income, unbelievable margin & a stable healthy Environment for sustained growth & profits.

Job Description :

The candidate should have excellent communication skills in English and local language and the ability To manage own time and resources effectively.Only unemployed and highly motivated professionals needs to join from any city of India.Its a work at home Job needs to work 24*7.

1. He / She needs to learn online car taxi booking.
2. Basic Knowledge of computers and bulk sms.
3. Basic Knowledge of social networking like facebook and linkedin.
4. Should have good network with local Travel Booking Agents.
5. DBA needs to share your revenues with a1 Cabs .

DBA will be directly responsible for all revenues generations. This is completely an Out source project. 

DBA will Earn 80 % - 90% of Profit generated.

Investment : Non Refundable Deposit Rs 10,000

Contact :

Capt Shekhar Gupta
098 26 00 88 99

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