Experience Thailand with Girl friends


Ø  Return Airfares Kolkata Bangkok Kolkata 
Ø  4 nights stay in 3 star Hotel
Ø  4 Breakfast 
Ø  Alcazar show
Ø  Coral Island including lunch
Ø  Nong Nooch Garden
Ø  Full day Safari World and Marine Park including Lunch 
Ø  City tour
Ø  Visit to Madam Tussads Wax Museum
Ø  Visa on arrival (free until 30th April)

Experience Thailand with Girl friends 😇😋💃🍺🍾🍹🍸🎧🎤🎸✈🚢⛽🎉🎊♥💃💃💃
Ø  Cost : INR 29900/- Per person

For more details contact 

Chhavi Agrawal 
+91 8600006301
Or visit 

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