Alleppey Beach

The water canals , roads lined with palm trees , the blue and orange hue of the sky , water canoes moving along backwater channels and amazing sunset on the beach , if you felt all this as a fairytale you are going to love this place – Alleppey, a place in the state of God’s own Country (Kerela).


Alleppey Beach is considered as one of the cleanest beach in India , beginning with watching sunset on the beautiful beach made our day which felt so hectic as we travelled so long from Munnar. Due to high tides our plan to stay  for a night in Houseboat was cancelled which is one of tourist attraction .

On the next day we went for  boating in Alleppey backwater, where we saw how whole family working for livelihood. Men used boats as means of transportation women were fishing for their family and old ladies washing clothes and utensils , and children were happily playing in nature . The only sound you are hearing is the slicing smooth water as you move ahead through backwaters .
Being an Indian how can you forget to visit temple? Kerela temples were beautiful in their own way, thousand of diyas, jasmines all round, women in white and golden sarees , men in lungiis  everything made a complete scenery . 

Puttu, Uttapam and fried fish were some of the famous dishes to taste there. 

You can call this place a perfect  ‘Self Detox ‘ if you end your trip with Ayurvedic treatments like Herbal spa , Perfect milk bath and herbal oil massages , this will make you visit Alleppey again just like me !

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