Surya Agrawal, Gold Medalist MTA

Surya Agrawal,   Gold Medalist MTA

In her early life she was very weak in studies then her mother decided to let her  repeat her nursery class so that she can score well. When she was in 7th standard she failed in social studies with a score 17 (she  still remember) but she decided to work hard so that  she will never fail in any stage.

She used to study  and work hard , sometimes all the night to score well.Her mother also dont sleep at night so that her daughter dont feel sleepy and hard work goes on and gradually she start growing herself.When she was in a school  she made a drawing and her teacher scolded her and whole class start laughing at her , she felt sad but she never let her tear to being a shadow of her failure she decided to work hard for it and always want to become a successful women entrepreneur to whom everyone appaulds and laugh only at her jokes not at her work and now she is a artist draws beautiful oil painting ,sketching and other art pieces  .She always want to become shadow of her parents and she has grasp entrepreneul skill from her father who  is successful buisnessmen and hardworking quality from her mother who is home maker of her beautiful family.She belives that never lose hope always make failure our key to success as she did.
Also she remember when she was in college and persuing graduation then she voluntered convocation ceremony then back stage she has to arrange     gold medal boxes so that authority to distribute it to deserving students then seeing gold medal she decided i can get it and again she start working hard for it but she failed by minute difference but she thought may be this is her destiny ,but as she says never lose hope .She again got admission in same institute  and intially she didnt thought for gold medal but circumstances coordinated and she got gold medal.But this is not the end she is persuing diploma in french, writes e book ,blogs and Project Manager at Alfa Travel Blog and she says
" I will work untill and unless nobody ask her to introduce herself"

Surya Agrawal [MTA] 
Project Manager


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