Mount Abu : Honeymoon Destination for the Couples in Love with the cold and the Sun

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Mount Abu : Honeymoon Destination for the Couples in Love with the cold and the Sun

Weddings are events to be cherished forever, but what more is to be remembered for a lifetime is the love you have for your other half. After wedding, Honeymoon is the affair to celebrate this eternal love. And as you can see honeymoon is not just any outing, this is trip of a lifetime so the destination should or can say 'must' be the perfect one.
Say no more I have just the right destination for your honeymoon celebration if you the kind of couple who likes heat along with the chilly wind. The mountains always calls you but you are not a very big fan of that spine-chilling cold, if this is the case then for your honeymoon you must go to Mount Abu. 
Mount Abu situated in the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan, is a place extraordinary on its own. Because it is a mountain situated in the two most hot and dry states of our country yet is a tourist destination which requires sweaters and jackets for visiting.

Mount Abu has a number of places for the Love birds to spend time in.

Dilwara Temple 
At a distance of 2.5 kilometers from Mount Abu, Dilwara Temple is known the most for its unique and astounding marble carvings and architecture. 

Guru Shikhar
The highest point in Mount Abu is known as Guru Shikhar from where one can see the entire view of the Aravali Mountain range. This is the perfect spot for a couple to snuggle and spend a few romantic moments while getting mesmerized in the view of the Aravali Range.

Nakki Lake
It is one of the greatest attractions of Mount Abu. Have a nice walk with your beloved one around the lake feeding the fishes. Or just sit on the edge of the lake breathing in the fresh air and the love of your soulmate.

Sunset Point
The Sunset point in Mount Abu is the most visited place because it gives you the best view of the Sunset in the entire region. And what else could be better to watch with your better half other than Sunsets ?


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